Monday, March 21, 2011

Lake County Fair 2008

This summer I entered seven items in the fair. They are listed below with their respective outcomes in the competition.

1. Crochet Decorative Potholder (Stained glass flower pattern) - no ribbon

stained glass flower potholder

2. Crochet Shawl (Seraphina's Shawl pattern) - 1st place


3. Crochet Scarf - I don't have a picture of my scarf, but here is the link to the original pattern picture from Interweave Crochet magazine.  [ scroll down just a bit to see a picture)] - 2nd place

4. Crochet Purse (link to project page on Ravelry) - 2nd place

small felted tote

5. Knit Cardigan Sweater (Buttony Sweater pattern) - no ribbon

nora's christmas sweater

6. Knit Scarf (Branching Out pattern) - 3rd place

7. Knit Not Specified Above [Charlie's Hat pattern (pattern was once on Magknits, but the site is no more)] - 3rd place

RR side of Jason's hat Street side of Jason's hat