Monday, January 15, 2007

Diagonal Scarf

Materials and Equipment
3 balls of Noro Kureyon
knitting needles size 13
sewing needle

Gauge: not important

Note: Any size needle that works with worsted weight yarn can be used since the width is set whenever the knitter decides.


Setting the stage
CO 3 stitches.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Inc in first stitch, K1, M1, K last stitch
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: K1, inc, k to last stitch, M1, K last stitch
Row 5: Knit
Repeat Rows 4 and 5 until scarf is as wide as you would like it to be. Make sure you end with a knit row. I stopped when I reached 27 stitches.

Knitting the scarf
Row 1: K1, inc, K to last three stitches, dec, K last stitch
Row 2: Knit
Repeat these two rows until scarf measures 60”-65” from beginning to higher end of the diagonal. Make sure you end with a knit row.

The Big Finish
Row 1: K1, dec, knit to last three stitches, dec, K last stitch
Row 2: Knit
Repeat last two rows until there are five stitches left. End with a knit row.
Next row: Dec, dec, knit last stitch
Knit one row.
BO and weave in loose ends.


Anonymous said...

kind of confused. this is my first diagonal scarf and i'm having a hard time understanding. i have casted but what does it mean to knit front and back?

Anonymous said...

I crochet more than I knit. What does M1 mean?

Our church makes prayer shawls to give away and I'm using scraps from the shawls we have already made to make one for our lady pastor and the lady who began our prayer shawl ministry. Thanks for your pattern.

Cris said...

To knit front and back means to knit the stitch as usual, but do not remove it from the left needle. Then take your right needle and knit the same stitch through the back of the stitch. Then let the stitch come off the left needle. This gives you an increase.

M1 instructions can be found here.