Tuesday, January 24, 2006

our first meeting...

went well i think. we had five people show up: phyllis, henri, rachelle, heather, and me. bean counters is such a cozy place. we sat in a room named the gathering place. phyllis worked on a scarf in red, black, and gray tones. she got her yarn at bargain prices at big lots (an unusual place for yarn). henri bought some red heart light and lofty yarn in shades of purple. she's learning to increase and decrease in knitting. i taught henri to knit last year and this year she's ready to venture into more advanced techniques. rachelle is a math teacher working on a beautiful circular baby afghan. she says she'll probably be finished by next week's meeting. heather learned to crochet years ago, but came along with rachelle and is relearning the art of crochet. today, henri informed me that she checked out lion brand yarn's website after rachelle raved about it last night. she says she already downloaded three patterns. that site's a favorite with rachelle and me. i think next week will go just as well. before i left, i had to get myself a bowl of potato soup and an iced tea. yum!!

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