Saturday, February 10, 2007

(Almost) Instant Gratification Hat

Materials and Equipment
Crochet hook sized N
1 1/2 skein of Yarn Bee’s Mosaic Twist (tangy clay #117 used in model)

Gauge: Rounds 1-2 = 4 inches

Ch 4
Round 1: 12 dc in 4th ch from hook. Sl st to close this and all rounds.
Round 2: Ch 2. This doesn’t count as the first stitch. 2 dc in each stitch. 24 dc
Round 3: Ch 2. 2 dc in 1st stitch, dc in next stitch. (2 dc in next st, dc in next st) around 36 dc
Round 4: ch 2. 2 dc in 1st stitch, dc in each of next 8 dc. (2 dc in next st, dc in each of next 8 dc) around. 40 dc.
Round 5: Ch 2. Work even in dc. 40 dc.
Round 6: Ch 2. Skip first st, dc in next st. Now go back and dc in skipped st. Stitches form an “X” shape. (Skip the next st, dc in following st, go back and dc in skipped st) around. 20 “X” stitches formed by the 40 dc.
Round 7: Work even in sc. 40 sc.
Round 8: Repeat Round 6.
Round 9: Repeat Round 7.
Round 10: Repeat Round 6.
Round 11: Ch 2. Work one round of dc in front loops.
Round 12: Do not ch. Turn work. (Skip 2 dc, work 6 dc in space between 2nd skipped dc and next dc. Skip 2 dc, sl st between 2nd skipped dc and next dc.) around. 20 scallops formed.

Cut yarn and weave in loose ends. Fold hat along bottom of Round 11 to form brim.

NOTE: I’m not much for wearing hats. But if I do wear one, I prefer that it have a loose fit so this hat fits loose around my head. If you prefer a closer fit, try using hook sized L or M or you can adjust the pattern as follows: Work Round 4 even in dc. The rest of the pattern will work as written except that you will have 36 stitches instead of 40, Round 6 will result in 19 “X” stitches being formed, and on Round 12 you will have 19 scallops formed.


Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I've been making crochet hats for a humanitarian effort my church is doing. I've only been at it for two months now, and I'm looking for ideas to add variety to my hats. Right now I'm just doing very simple double crochet hats, since that's the only thing I know, but I really like the idea of adding scallops.

Your hat in the picture is beautiful, by the way.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Cris said...

Thank you. Feel free to use the pattern for your humanitarian efforts at your church.

Jana said...

I was looking through the hat patterns on The Daily Crocheter, which I just found, and saw your hat. For a simple hat it's very cute! The secretary at our school will be starting chemo in 3 weeks, and I am looking for hats that will be nice enough to make her feel better! This looks great. I plan to make her a few, and this will definitely be one of them. Though it's summer now, her chemo will be going on through December, so this will be a good one then. Thanks for the pattern!

Lynn @ Nerdland said...

I just made this hat in about an hour! Really cute. I added a row of double-crochet betweens rows 10 and 11 to give it a little more length. Also, it should be noted that there are only 10 scallops, not 20 as mentioned in Row 12. I used an N hook with a bulky/5 velour yarn which doesn't have a lot of give to it. I'm going to make another but will increase to 42 stitches for more comfort. Thanks!

Annette j Smith said...

For woman use picit stitch on last row. Men hats use front post back post on the last 3 or 4 rows. Looks good as finishing touch.