Saturday, November 17, 2007

Seraphina's Shawl

I just started this shawl a few days ago. I'd been all over Ravelry searching for shawl patterns when I ran across a few examples of Seraphina's shawl. The ones made with Jo-Ann Sensations Rainbow Boucle are just gorgeous. Naturally, I couldn't resist the urge to crochet one. I ordered some yarn online since my local Jo-Ann didn't carry the colors I wanted. I really, really wanted the shades of reds/oranges but couldn't find it online. I ordered some orangy yarn instead. I'm sure the shawl will be pretty anyhow. I also got some berry shades yarn and green shades yarn. My plan is to make this shawl again in the spring in green for my secret pal at work. I sure hope she's a shawl wearer.

The first one I decided to make is the berry colored one. Just look at it so far.
It looks nice in my opinion. I'm going to love this shawl when it's done.

I've never been a huge fan of boucle yarns. I like my yarn on the smooth side without little things hanging from it, but I bowed to the Ravelry peer pressure and bought the boucle (6 big-ass skeins of boucle, as a matter of fact). It's not so bad once you get working with it. Plus, this boucle isn't that loopy. It's more like boucle-lite. My only complaint is that it's a bitch to untangle as I crochet. I found the end in the center of the skein. I like to use center pull skeins. But every few yards the yarn gets all tangled. Just take a peek here. You can see the tangled guts of the skein getting puked out as I crochet. This is definitely not pretty yarn porn.
I would be making so much faster progress if I didn't have to untangle so often. I swear I probably would've finished this within 3-4 days if my yarn was smooth and tangle-free. As it is, I'm gonna have to work for the FO this will be.


Lavahlo said...

Love how your shawl turned out!
I found it easier to use that yarn by not pulling from the middle. I found the out side piece and it was fine.
Thanks for sharing!

Lavahlo said...

Thanks for your comment!
Yea that was the first time I used a boucle yarn as well. I LOVE the stripping effect too! I agree this pattern seems to be written for this yarn.
Happy Hookin'!