Friday, January 12, 2007

Lyd’s Purse

Materials and Equipment
Crochet hooks sized J, P
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (50g/110 yds), 4 balls in color of choice
Magnetic snap
Decorative pin

Gauge: 7 hdc = 2 inches
5 rows = 2 inches

Note: Beginning ch 2 DOES NOT count as 1st hdc.


Bottom of purse:
Ch 42
Row 1: Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across. 40 hdc.
Row2-7: Ch 2, hdc in each hdc. 40 hdc. Do not cut yarn.

Round 1: ch 2, hdc in end st of each row (7 hdc), hdc in each st on opposite side of beg ch (40 hdc), hdc in end st of each row (7 hdc), hdc in each st of row 7 of bottom of purse. 94 hdc.
Rounds 2-20: Ch 2, hdc in each hdc. Sl st to top of first hdc to close round. 94 hdc. Cut yarn at end of round 20.

Row 1: Join yarn with hdc in 23rd st of the round. Hdc in next 39 hdc. 40 hdc.
Rows 2-19: Work even in hdc. 40 hdc.
Row 20: Sl st in 1st hdc, skip next hdc, 4 dc in space between next 2 hdc, (skip next 2 hdc, sl st between next 2 hdc, skip next 2 hdc, 4 hdc in space between next 2 hdc) 9 times. Sl st in top of last hdc. 10 shells made. Cut yarn and weave in loose ends.

Holding 3 strands of yarn together and hook size P, ch 100. Sl st in 2nd st from hook and in each ch. Cut yarn. Chain more than 100 if you’d like a longer strap.
Felt strap and purse according to your favorite method.

Use scissors to poke a hole 3/4 inch from top of purse on one side. Thread end of strap through the hole from the outside in. Tie end of strap in an overhand knot inside purse. Repeat this for attaching strap on opposite side of purse.
Attach magnetic snap to purse. Attach decorative pin to hide back of snap.


50322297 said...
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Anonymous said...

Do you make money from your crafts?

Cris said...

Occasionally I make some money when I make something from my own pattern. Most of the stuff I do is for gift-giving.

Luv2HookIt said...

Just started making this purse today (4/11/10). Don't have wool so am using Vanna's Choice variegated WW yarn 100% and white for spring. Well we will see how it comes out! Thanks for this pattern; I was looking for JUST this type of pattern for a simple purse to make quickly. It's like the cell phone covers I did a month or so ago, but larger for purse; JUSt what I had in mind. Thanks! I'll let you know when I finish.!

Anonymous said...

Can you use any type of yarn?

Cris said...

This is a felted purse so the yarn has to be an animal fiber like wool in order to felt. If you make it with yarn that isn't animal fiber, it won't felt. You'll still have a purse, but it will be bigger than the one pictured and probably need a lining.