Monday, October 22, 2007

Sometimes I feel like a genius

I decided to make this scarf for my cousin for her birthday. Now, when I knit lace, I can't see the pattern forming before my eyes and I must always read the directions or the chart. I love knitting lace, but it takes a lot of effort on my part. This scarf is a 14-row repeat. So far it's knitting up quickly. Here's why.

I copied and pasted the directions for the 14 rows into a table, one row's worth of directions per cell, on Microsoft Word and made the font bigger to accomodate my middle-aged eyes. Then I printed the directions off on cardstock and cut apart the cells into cards. I stapled them together at the bottom in order from first row to 14th row.
pattern on  cards
Now as I knit, I just see one row at a time and fold down the card to reveal the next row. I use a binder clip to keep the cards from folding back up. Seems to be working for me.

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