Saturday, October 27, 2007


I finished the Lacy V Scarf I was working on for mi primita Nora. I referred to the scarf in the "Sometimes I Feel Like a Genius" post below. It came out cute. Check out the picture below. I just have to admit this: Ahem, <clears throat> I hate blocking my work. I wish it would come off the needles ready-to-wear. That said, the picture shows the scarf blocking on some light blue foam board I picked up at Lowe's. I paid about $7 for this big-ass sheet of foam that the kindly store employee scored down the middle so it could fold easy for storage. I had such a Lucy-and-Ethel moment trying to put this in my car. Even if there was no Ethel to my Lucy, the sight of me wrestling with a big piece of sky blue foam was filled with enough comedy for two bumbling, block-hating knitters. Well, enough reminiscing. Here's the scarf.

Nora's b-day scaraf

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Knitter Kris said...

That is so pretty. I completely agree with you in the whole blocking thing, what a pain. I love how the color variation came out on that scarf.