Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's All in How You Look at It

I sent my friend Ms. N an email linking to this post. I love her reply which I've copied and pasted here for all to read.

I think we could look at this two different ways.
1. There are people worse off...
2. While colorful and aesthetically pleasing, do we want to aspire to be this?


I can only connect this to my addiction to school supplies. During a recent visit to Target, clutching 18 packs of crayons, 40 folders, 40 spiral-bound notebooks, and 10 double glue stick packs, I broke down to my mother that I believe I have a serious problem. Her enabled response was, "I know."

I pride myself on the acknowledgement of my addiction, and while I followed through with my purchase, I felt justified as it was less than $20. I said to myself (as many addicted individuals do), "I am not hurting anyone...AND I got a good deal."

How long until I too am just like the yarn lady?
Will I one day walk into my house and find book cases of crayola 24 pack double pocket, pronged folders, and spiral bound notebooks hanging from the ceiling?

Maybe there will need to be interventions all around!

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