Friday, August 03, 2007

The Lake County Fair

family arts & crafts bldg

I took my ten items in to the fair on Saturday the 28th. These are the items, their categories, and ribbons won (if applicable):

1. Handicrafts I - Crochet - Holiday --->> angel ornament

crochet angel ornament 2007


2. Handicrafts I - Door Piece not over 24" - Decoration --->> crocheted chenille stocking (1st place)

crochet stocking


3. Needlecrafts I - Crochet - Potholder (decorative) --->> skull and bones potholder (3rd place)

skull potholders 2007


4. Needlecrafts I - Crochet - Purse --->> felted button purse (3rd place)

button purse 2


5. Needlecrafts I - Crochet - Shawl --->> multicolored stole

cross stitch crochet shawl


6. Needlecrafts I - Crochet - Scarves --->> Hop on the Bus, Gus scarf (2nd place)

school bus scarf 2007


7. Needlecrafts I - Crochet - not specified above --->> bouquet of flowers (I realized as I am blogging this that I goofed and submitted knit flowers here instead of crocheted)

knit flowers


8. Needlecrafts I - Knit - Purse --->> Noro purse (1st place)

Noro handbag


9. Needlecrafts I - Knit - Scarves --->> lace leaves scarf

lace leaves scarf 2007


10. Needlecrafts I - Knit - not specified above --->> trellis shawl

*****didn't take a picture of this yet, but it's this pattern*****


I was looking at the ribbons I already won from past Lake County Fairs and realized that I started entering stuff eighteen (yipes!!) years ago. Including this year's ribbons, I have won seventeen ribbons since 1989. This year's win of five ribbons is my best showing in any year. I want to display the ribbons somehow in my craftroom/office. Don't know how yet, but I'll figure something out.


swansong said...

I really, really love that potholder and that vase of flowers. How cuuuuute....
And for showcasing, I totally suggest a shadowbox. Mostly cause I like to say "shadowbox".

Jane said...

Way to go, Cris. That is awesome.