Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Summer of Cris

Over at get Stitchy!, MsFish asked if I'd been counting my FOs thi summer. Until she asked, I hadn't. So I sat down and counted. Here's the tally so far. I believe most of these have been documented here.
1. Noro handbag
2. crocheted angel ornament
3. knit bouquet of flowers
4. hard drive sweater (sweater knit when hard drive crashed)
5. cross stitch stole
6. Christmas stocking
7. Lily Ruby’s sweater and booties
8. Ma’s purse
9. Missy’s purse
10. cherry bag
11. school bus scarf
12. lace leaves scarf
13. SNB Short ‘n Sweet
14. Missy’s dishcloth
15. Lyd’s dishcloth
16. Mary’s dishcloth
17. Lisa’s dishcloth
18. Rosie’s dishcloth
19. Jason’s rabbit
20. Ethan’s gloves
21. Irma’s dishcloth
22. The Co-worker scarf made from yarn from Sheilah

Whew! I'm enjoying my summer.

Here are a couple of items I hope to finish before I go back to school.
1. beading and blocking the self-fringing shawl which is completely off the needles
2. adding some length and a little width to Ma's Shrug This from the One Skein Wonders book
3. Casey's Brea Bag
4. Rusted Root in red for ME!
5. Rosie's birthday purse
6. Glor's birthday purse

I'm an ambitious chickie, aren't I?

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