Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A- Maiz-ing!

I bought some SWTC A-maizing yarn from The Yarn Grove, one of Get Stitchy!'s sponsors. I only got one spool because I had no idea what to make, but I knew I just had to play with the yarn. I love this stuff. It's like a very skinny tube of even tinier knit stitches. Since a few people at Get Stitchy! made the Dream Swatch wrap, I decided that's what my corn yarn wanted to be. I don't really care to wear anything on my head for fear of squashing my paltry 2" of hair, but this actually looks kinda cute on my head. Go figure!

Here it is.

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1 comment:

Jane said...

Chris, what a great idea! I love it - in fact I have a pattern here to do a headband as well. I think I printed it from Knitty.com.Looks marvelous...