Monday, May 21, 2007

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Week 3 - Question (from the Spring Felted Bag Exchange)

Where's your favorite place to knit or crochet? Describe (or show!) us where you sit and how you most enjoy your craft!

My first response is EVERYWHERE! But, in all honesty, I prefer to knit/crochet in my living room on my couch. I sit in the same spot (as evidenced by the imprint on the cushion) right by the lamp to illuminate my work. I keep my stitching notions in a small pouch inside a plastic box that doubles as a sewing box or footstool since it's always by my side. My crochet hooks are handy and easily within reach in a pretty mug on my coffee table. I keep my straight knitting needles in two vases. They're really for decoration now that I've been using my Denise needles, Addi Turbos, and some bamboo circulars. I realize that I'm no longer a fan of straight needles. I think I'll give some to D since he's now learning to knit. My second favorite place to knit/crochet is at Bean Counters Coffee House in Highland. I meet with Rachelle and Sandra on Tuesdays (used to be on Mondays). I usually get an iced tea and set myself up at the table in the Gathering Place at the coffee house. The plasma TV is usually set to some rerun of a long-cancelled network series. I get so caught up in my stitching that I don't really pay attention to it. Sometimes the TV is set to a news channel. The three of us sit around the table and talk about our projects or yarn or whatever is on our minds. We're usually there from 5:30 until closing at 7:00. We seem to always be the last ones out the door. They have a new owner. Nice guy. Friendly. Doesn't rush us out the door at closing. I like that. Finally, I sometimes enjoy knitting/crocheting at Borders. I don't go there as often as I'd like. I have also been known to knit/crochet in Barnes & Noble and Washington Park by my home. I like to sit on a bench along the walkway entrance to the park. Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to see the Railcats play. I'm going to be making another dream swatch headband for Lyd and a Juliet cap for our class production of Romeo and Juliet. Thank goodness I have a class of responsible students who will behave so well that I'll probably be able to finish at least one of those two projects. Whew! Short question and a long-winded answer. I think I'll take pics of these places and blog about them in more detail at a later date.

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Jessi said...

This is a funny coincidence. Where I live, there is a coffee/pastry shop called The Bean Counter and it is on Highland Street. :)

(from the spring felted bag exchange)