Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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Week 2 - Question (from the Spring Felted Bag Exchange)

Where you live, what signifies the beginning of Spring? A favorite flower blooming? Snowmelt? Pollen (Cough cough, gak, here in ATL, thanks) Post something up describing how you knew 'Spring had Sprung' for you!

One of the first signs of spring in Northwest Indiana are the political sign "weeds" that crop up overnight on people's lawns. Another sign of spring is the fidgety behavior of my 6th graders. And yet another sign is the beginning of construction on the local highways. But in all seriousness, the first signs I notice are the appearance of buds on the trees and the birds that sing outside my window. I don't suffer from allergies so pollen and stuff like that doesn't affect me. I also notice all the kids in the neighborhood out on bikes and walking around. I happen to live a block away from a park and right next-door to McDonald's so all the people out enjoying the rising temps find their way to my neck of the woods. But the biggest sign for me that spring has sprung is my own need to go outside for recess to get out into the warm air.

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