Monday, May 07, 2007

More for the FO Pile

I finished Lisa's cable footies a couple of weeks back. Here's a picture of one of them on my hand.

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I hated doing the Kitchener stitch to finish them. The toes came out a little pointy. When I make these again, I'm going to finish them several rows before so I won't have such pointy toes.

For Mothers' Day, I plan on knitting shower puffs for my three sisters who are mothers. The pattern is in the book One Skein. The cable footies pattern is in the same book. I kinda like the puff now, but that Himalaya Aloo yarn was hurting my finger before. I think I just got a stubborn skein because the second puff is working up really fast. I started it yesterday and I'm about three quarters of the way done. The puff just seems like the perfect companion for oatmeal soap. Here's what they'll look like before I pair them up with a bar of oatmeal soap.

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Anne said...

Oh those look cute! I like the colors in them - and I've got the One Skein book, but I've not seen the scrubbies made before; that looks like it would be interesting to knit with, to say the least. Nice stuff!