Monday, April 02, 2007

Branching Out

I've never knit lace before and decided to give it a shot. I looked online and found the aptly titled "Branching Out" at One trip into Loopy Yarns was all it took to find the yarn I wanted. I settled on a royal blue wool in fingering weight. Threw out the label so I can't tell you what yarn I used exactly. I'll try and figure it out. I usually use worsted weight or chunky/bulky yarn because I want as much instant gratification in my stitching as possible. I started the scarf on the March Girls Night Out knitting get-together at Stitch by Stitch in Highland. It took about 13 hours in total of knitting time to complete. I used my brand-spanking-new Denise interchangeable needles. Let me just say, "LOVE THEM!" Before I digress, I've included a picture of my first piece of knit lacework. I still have to weave in some loose ends and block it. I forced it into shape on my quilt for the picture. As soon as I picked up the scarf, it went back to a misshapen piece of knitting with loose ends. All in all, I would have to say that my first experience with lace went pretty well. I think I may have to find some more lace projects.

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